Hands-on Healing is one of the most powerful techniques for rejuvenating the body as well as maintaining health and vitality!

Pia Romano Hands On Energy Work and Craniosacral TherapyPia is dedicated to facilitating healing through a specialized blend of Hands-on Healing and other Energy Medicine techniques. This individualized and transformative approach to increased health, vitality and awareness will help you look and feel younger, build internal strength and at the same time clear old, stagnant energy.

Pia’s work addresses the underlying causes connected to an issue and/or physical condition. She is able to perceive into the body and provide an assessment of the principle factor(s) regarding the particular concern. When these energies are opened and cleared, a deeper level of balance and health naturally emerge. Her work benefits a range of issues – from helping to create stability during stressful times to working with assisting the healing of specific traumas or physical disorders.

Through Hands-on Healing it is possible to move beyond what may be currently limiting you from feeling your best, experiencing life in a richer more fulfilled manner and achieving more of what you truly desire.