Energy Medicine


◆ Disease Prevention

◆ Antiaging Benefits

◆ Increasing Your Energy

◆ Relationship Issues

◆ Increasing Mental Clarity

◆ Regeneration of the Body

◆ Healing Acute/Chronic Conditions

◆ Emotional Trauma Release/Clearing

◆ Pre/Post-Surgical Procedures

◆ Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being

◆ Connecting to Yourself and Your Higher Purpose

Hands-on healing/energy medicine is based on the principle that everything, from a rock, a blade of grass, an animal, up to and including a human being, is made up of energy at its core. As energetic beings, there exists an energy field that surrounds and permeates the physical body. When an individual’s body and energy field are moving and flowing, the body is healthy, and aliveness or vibrancy is present and felt. There is an increased ability to feel and be present with yourself and a greater capacity to meaningfully connect with others.

However, when energy movement is blocked or impeded due to physical trauma or perhaps mental/emotional strain, the energy system and, consequently, the body, struggle to perform optimally. Energy blockages are often held at the cellular level as a consequence of daily living—the air we breathe, the food we eat, or stressful circumstances (childhood trauma, accidents, relationship problems, or financial hardship) that have occurred during life.

The body “remembers” what has happened to it even if the person may not, and/or the events that occurred many years ago. The body is able to clear some of the unwanted material but it is not always able to effectively clear everything especially if the material/situation is particularly toxic and/or traumatic. If an individual “holds onto” these stressors for extended periods of time, the health of the person may become compromised and a diseased state (e.g., diabetes/cancer/fibromyalgia/depression) can develop.

One of the most efficient ways of clearing the unwanted effects of stressors is hands-on healing, an aspect of energy medicine. Hands-on healing addresses all levels of an individual (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) so that the person is able to easily come back into balance and health.

It is tremendously beneficial to receive this work as a way of preventing potential health problems. And, if you are currently experiencing a particular condition or stressful situation in life, hands-on healing is especially valuable. With each consecutive session, the client will be able to better maintain a regenerative state and healthier balance.

Hands-on healing/energy healing can be done either in-person or long-distance by phone.

Note :

If you are experiencing a specific health concern, it is also recommended to consult your health care provider.